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Buying A Dog Kennel With Run

Wilton dog kennel and run, wooden dog kennel
Wooden dog kennel and run, dog kennel with run
double dog kennel and run, double dog kennel with run, double dog kennel and run for sale
dog kennel and run, wooden kennel
6ft x 40 Wilton cat kennel and run
Dog Kennels and Runs

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Choosing the correct dog kennel with run for your dog can be a bit of a daunting, with so many now available on the internet.  You need to consider the amount of space you have to locate it in your garden.  A  large structure in the garden can take up a lot of space and look an eyesore to yourself and neighbours.  Equally a purchasing one that’s too small will not be good for your pets and your wallet.  We’ve had customers return, wanting to enlarge the kennels and runs costing more in the long run.

A dog run can vary in height, from 4ft high to over 6ft high.  The lower height kennels are suitable for most breed of dogs. Also they can be positioned in the garden with looking too much of an eyesore.  The ever popular Wilton dog kennel and run  remains our most popular range from when we first designed it many years ago.

Wooden dog kennel and run, dog kennel with run
Wilton with base frame

Sizes available:

6ft x 40″ for small dogs

8ft x 4ft  for small to medium dogs

10ft x 4ft for medium dogs

12ft x 4ft for large dogs

We can also manufacture bespoke. Sizes to fit into a certain space in your garden.


Choosing the right size for your dog.


The size of your dog will reflect the product you need to select.  Don’t try to squeeze a dog into a kennel that it can’t turn around in.  Access into a low level run may be a bit awkward for cleaning, so we have a taller range called the Sussex dog kennel and run.  With a height of 5ft or 6ft to give more headroom for ease of cleaning.  Here you will find a range of sizes to suit all breeds of dogs, from a Jack Russell to a Great Dane.

Have more than one dog?

If you have more than one dog and don’t want to spend a lot of money on separate kennel, a double dog kennel and run version is the perfect solution.  It is designed with kennels at each end, separated by a run in the middle.   The run can be divided into two sections by a mesh divider, which can also have a door fitted.